What the hell Dump is?

Whatsup guys! This guide is for newbies in the world of card dumps. Wendy takes care about all sorts of my clients and future clients, so here are some information, advises and tips, that would probably interest you and help in carding (fraud).

Card Dump is nothing but the information written on the magnetic strip of a credit card. This data is kept on the tracks and we are interested only in the Track 1 and 2 (In Track 2 only in most cases) 
This data looks smtng like this:

This is Track 1: B4000001234567690^CANDY/WENDY^03101011169400569000000;
This is Track 2: 4000001234567890=03101011123495679991

Track 2 is considered to be the main one and if you own it, you can obtain the information from Track 1.

In my dumps shop you could buy this information stolen from million cards all over the world. If you have this information called "card dump" you could write it on blank plastic card with magnetic stripe using special device called MSR and use it in the stores as original credit card.