How not to get pissed off while carding!

Now, when we've learned some basic information about the Dumps and have written it on the plastic, lets move on to the real store and try to get some real profit. Here're some basic tips and lifehacks about your behaviour in the store!

Tip 1: Suite up!
Always pay attention to your clothes! Try to look like someone who have money. You don't want to attract excessive attention so consider what time and day you are going to the store. If you are carding during the buisness hours try to wear a suit and tie to look like you've just left the work for replacement laptop or tablet. After the buisness hours you could look more sloppier, like you've had a long hard day at work. And so one, I think you understand what i'm talking about. Just.Look.Nice.

Tip 2: Patience and conversation!
Remember, people who're going to spend their real money always asking lots of questions, comparing different models and so one. Do not try to pick up smthng quickly and get the fk out! Don't be afraid to ask questions about a product, act like a fool if needed. So when you face the cashier don't be nervous. Calm down, and conversation is a key here. Ask the cashier about his/her day, tell a joke or smthng like that.It will get the cashier comfortable with you. You could give a quick story about your purchase because again, conversation is your friend. "I am buyin it for the wife. Do you think she will like it?" - try smthng like that and you'll get positive feedback from the cashier!

Tip 3: It's time to get the fk out safely!
If you unfortunately have some problems with payment the only right solution is to make your way out calmly. No panic and runaways! Most cashiers don't know (or don't want) what to do in this problematic situation, so it's in your hands. The first way to solve that problem is to offer cashier to try another card or cash. Tell the cashier to cancel the transaction and that you'll get another card or cash from your car. Calmly get out. If you have a good plastic, you could also pretend that you're calling the bank by the number on the back of the card. Calmly make your way out of the store while calling.
In common, you have to feel the situation with your sense. If you feel too much attention on you and the situation is going bad, tell the cashier that you need to go and you don't want the rest of the items. If the situation gone completely bad and there are security guys on your way out, remember that they have no legal right to arrest you, they may only detain you. If they try to physically hold you, stay calm and remember that they are very affraid too. They could have some big problems with store reputation if they wrongfully detain you. So stay calm, tell them to not touch you and keep your way out!